we start a project for  human beings.its not only for a specific religion and cast. we work for all human beings.

It aims to raise the concerns of weaker segments of society especially single mothers heading the families (divorced, separated and widows) at regional and international level for the empowerment of women. It is working for the transformation of this vulnerable section of society into progressive, efficient and dynamic society to promote human respect and dignity for the advancement of a just society. To achieve its goals, it has been involved in the sector of education, health/ reproductive health, enterprise development, legal awareness/ assistance and peace and social harmony.

It aims to strengthen the process of social development and empowerment of women without ethnic, religious, political and linguistic biases paying special attention to marginalized and disadvantaged women. It firmly believes that the paramount solution to improve their situation could only be achieved by developing their abilities, self confidence to voice for their own rights and rights of other people.