Marry Welafre office Staff and Members

  Bible says

“Give, and it shall be given to you. For whatever measure you deal out to others, it will be dealt to you in return.”

The Marry Welfare established in 04/04/2011..the founder of this great idea and project is Asif Rashid.he belong to a Christian family and he is student of MS finance.all our team members are very hard working .

Director: Asif Rashid

Deputy  Directors: Mr. Samsoon
                                    Mrs. Zeba Nosheen

Finance Manager: Mr. Kashif Rashid

General Secretary: Miss Ulfat Iqbal

Field Supervisor: Mr. Wajahat

                                          Mr. Adnan Tariq

                                          Mr. Sajid Khalid 

                                           Mr. Imran Iman

                                           Mr. Zeeshan Rafiq

                                           Mr.  Salman 

                                            Mr. Rizwan Rafiq

                                             Miss Samra 

                                             Miss Zarka Salamat 

                                             Mr. Sohail

                                              Miss Shakeela 

                                              Mr & Mrs. Elder Boota Masih

                                              Mr & Mrs . Rashid Masih


OFFICE ADRESS: Chak # 214 R.B Dawood colony Dudiwala Faisalabad Pakistan.

Phone #: +923005320201, +923346561889,